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Andalo is a center nestled in the Dolomites, which has made “family size” tourism its strong point.

Here, in a public park, 18 Garden Golf courses were installed in 1991.

The children who played then are the parents who today have fun on the same holes with their children.

The Andalo Garden Golf ideally represents all of our minigolf facilities: always up-to-date, always exciting and made to last over time.


Sometimes our customers throw us challenges that we gladly accept.

In this case, the challenge was to create rocks that expressed the character of adventure and that were not only beautiful, but also capable of withstanding high loads.

Test passed !!!!!


We usually only know our clients through their voices, heard over the phone. Sometimes, however, we are lucky enough to meet them personally.

The two young owners of this mini golf course in Civitanova Marche came to our headquarters to see the production. They literally fell in love with our Miniatur Golf and decided to buy some tracks.

The following year they came back, even more enthusiastic, to complete their plant.

In the passion for their work and in the determination of these two guys, we have found the passion and determination of all our customers, whom we thank for relying on our advice and on our company.


Our waterslides have won the interest of Sergio Giacon, historical set designer of Mediaset and of the successful TV show Cultura Moderna.

“I chose your slides because among the companies I consulted, Artman Italiana was the one that gave me the most confidence and the models proposed were suitable for my needs. I would like to underline the great helpfulness you gave me for the execution of the changes that were necessary to adapt the slides to the problems of my scenographic project, more enhanced by the speed of construction and delivery. I warmly thank your technicians.” – Sergio Giacon


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